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"What we learn with pleasure, we never forget."-Alfred Mercer

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At Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter School, family involvement is encouraged and celebrated. At any time of the day, you will find parents and grandparents on campus lending a hand.

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Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter School students are confident self-starters who are always willing to jump right in and get to work.

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Vision Statement: Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter School celebrates the joy of lifelong learning. Children and adults work together to create a safe, supportive, inspiring and challenging school community where learning is optimized for every child.

At Bellevue-Santa Fe, we believe that every student is unique. Because children bring their own ways of learning, thinking, and communicating to the classroom, we use differentiated instructional methods for students and recognize individual learning styles.

We encourage our students to strive for academic and personal excellence under the guiding principle that “what we learn with pleasure we never forget.” As such, our emphasis is on collaborative learning, which helps develop analytical thinking, communication skills, and deep conceptual understanding. Learning opportunities, such as historical simulations, are emblematic of Bellevue’s commitment to this style of teaching. From medieval knights and maidens to gold miners to children in a one-room pioneer schoolhouse and members of a Mesopotamian clan, students are given the opportunity to fully adopt the roles of historical characters, enhancing their concept of time and deepening their understanding of the societal trends and events that have shaped our world. Using the state adopted standards as a guide, we utilize project-based learning in areas of study to strike a balance between skill acquisition and application.

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