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Getting to Know Your GREEN Forum Teacher a little better:

I was born and raised in Arroyo Grande where I grew up on a 26 acre apple and cherry orchard.  At a young age, I enjoyed finding and making my own adventures.  I remember waking up with the sun and climbing to the top of our cherry trees to try and pick the biggest, juiciest cherries before the birds could get them. I think this is a good analogy of how I go about my life. 

I am a proud mom of two boys, Kade and Kruz, who also share my zest for life.  We are an adventurous bunch who enjoy hiking, traveling, and exploring what our world has to offer.  After living in the Bay Area for 10 years, we decided to move back to the central coast to enlist help from my family.  I have quite the gamut of diversity in my family, from my step-grandpa who is Japanese, to my dad who is Mexican and my mom who is a mix of German, English and Native America.

I received my B.A. in Child Development from Sacramento State.  From there I went on to get my Master in Education with an emphasis in Equity and Social Justice from San Francisco State.   While I was working on my Masters, I was a 1:1 aide in an SDC classroom and a 1:1 aide in a 5th Grade classroom.  In addition to working, I also volunteered at Oakland Children’s Hospital in their school room.  After spending so much time in the classroom I decided it was time for me to get my Teaching Credential.  After receiving my credential from Holy Names, I went on to teach 2nd Grade at Thornhill Elementary School in Oakland.  When we moved back to San Luis Obispo, I taught 4th grade at C.L. Smith.  Once my youngest son was born I decided to take off of work to be home with my two boys.  I look forward to this upcoming year of learning, growing and exploring the world in Green Forum!

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