Bulldog Parent Teacher Organization

Bulldog PTO Board Members

Vicki Cheatwood, President
Genie Kim , Vice President
Jenn Rainey, Secretary
Shena Hinds, Treasurer

Mission Statement

Our mission is to allow the Teachers and Administrators to focus their energies on the academic opportunities and achievements of our students, while providing a platform for parents and community members to lend support and be involved. Our purpose is to enhance and support the educational experience of our students by:

  • Developing and promoting a sense of school spirit and community
  • Providing volunteer opportunities
  • Providing financial assistance through various fundraising opportunities


Volunteering is one way to show your care and commitment to a child’s education and the PTO has many ways to do so. The PTO recognizes that all members of our community are gifted with unique time, talents, or treasure and we invite you to chair or join one of our 12 committees to express your interest and interests. While we have developed some traditions over the course of our work, we appreciate new ideas and encourage our members to create, organize, and implement them! We work with the Administration to develop programs/events/activities that complement the academic experience for our children and provide opportunities to nurture and cultivate our BSFCS community. Your support and encouragement allow the PTO to achieve its goals and purpose. Much thanks to all of our volunteers for all you do.

Meeting Information

The BSFCS PTO holds a minimum of 5 regular meetings per year at a time and place determined by the board. Meetings are announced beforehand in the PTO Buzz Newsletter and the BSFCS Bulldog Newsletter. To request an item be included on the Agenda please email pto@bsfcs.org. Additionally, each meeting includes a “Public Comment” portion during which any comments, concerns, or suggested new business not on the Agenda may be discussed.