Welcome to our amazing school!

Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter School has created an engaging learning environment of inquiry, choice, exploration, and immersion since 1996. Our staff crafts a range of instructional approaches and educational experiences for students centered on the California State Standards. At BSFCS, we believe in differentiation and project-based learning, while also teaching foundational skills. Our students participate in combined classes, specific Science, Garden, and physical education (PEACOCK) instruction, and an Artist in Residence Program for alternating experiences with visual arts, music, and dance. Students also have access to our SciTechatorium to explore science with the guidance of 6th grade docents.

BSFCS is supportive of our community. We work with positivity to facilitate lasting relationships with our students, families, and staff members. We welcome volunteers, guest speakers, and former students to assist in providing enriched opportunities for our students through committee involvement, classroom support, special events participation, and/or attending Governing Board Meetings. We begin our school day as a community for a staff-led assembly. Students sit together with blended ages to connect prior to exiting to their respective forums. We welcome families to join in this important time by blending in with the student population. This is a wonderful time to hear about what is being studied, topics of interest, kid news and/or tricks, student-led plays and games, and character-building lessons.

At BSFCS, we believe in providing students with the freedom to grow by being mindful of our structures and practices. BSFCS students are encouraged to think critically, treat others with kindness, try their best, and be mindful of themselves in different environments. We work with students to communicate effectively and do what is right, even if no one is looking. We encourage our students to be leaders.

Julie Turk