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One of the cornerstones of our school is the belief that education is a cooperative process involving students, teachers, parents and the greater community. The governance structure of the school – a Governing Board assisted by an Advisory Council – reflects this cooperative spirit. The Bellevue-Santa Fe Governing Board is comprised of six voting members with representatives from the school staff, a respected community member, and the parents or family of students. The Governing Board’s primary function is to make and oversee policy concerning the operation of the school, including budget development, charter accountability and revision, and bylaws.

Governing Board 2020/2021

  • Kevin Ashworth, Staff Representative
  • Cole Cheatwood, Parent Representative
  • Ellen Pitrowski, Community Member and Board President
  • Rob Rijnen, Parent Representative
  • Julie Stellpflug, Parent Representative
  • JoEd Sennes, Staff Representative
  • Julie Turk, Administrative Representative

Governing Board Bylaws

Upcoming Governing Board Meetings

Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter School remains committed towards efforts of prevention and mitigation of the effects of COVID-19 on our community. In compliance with California Governor Gavin Newsom’s issued Executive Orders N-25-20 and N-35-20, the California State Public Health Officer’s Order, including social distancing guidelines and avoiding group gatherings, and all applicable provisions of federal and state law, this Board meeting will be held telephonically and online.

All Board members, staff and others presenting at the meeting will be calling in via the Zoom video conferencing platform from separate locations. Unfortunately, physical attendance by the public cannot be accommodated given the current circumstances and the need to ensure the health and safety of the members, staff, and the public as a whole; however, the school is making significant efforts to ensure public participation during this Board meeting, and has taken the following steps to help the public access the meeting:

  1. Electronic Submission of Public Comments. Public Comments for a non-agenda or agendized item may be shared in the following ways:
    • Emailed to In the subject line, please identify, as applicable, the agenda item the comment addresses, including the agenda item number and title. If you wish to submit a public comment on more than one agenda item, please send a separate email for each item on which you are commenting. Any relevant written comment submitted by 3:00 p.m. on the day prior to the meeting will be read on the record during this meeting.
    • Stated aloud via Zoom by writing your name in the chat section.  Comments will be shared in the order they appear on the chat.

All public comments will be limited to 3 minutes, a limit of approximately 450 words. Any portion of your comment extending past the 450-word limit may not be read aloud due to time restrictions. All written comments that are not read into the record will be made part of the meeting minutes, provided that such comments are received prior to the end of the meeting. Please be aware that written public comments, including your name, may become public information.

  1. Zoom Video Conferencing. Members of the public can call into the meeting to observe via the Zoom video conferencing platform. Members of the public can access Zoom from a computer, mobile device or tablet. The Zoom link will be provided on the agenda.

During a traditional school year, monthly meetings are generally held on a Thursday and start at 4:00PM in the Library. Check individual agendas or email notifications, as dates and times may change. Final dates and agendas are posted publicly outside of the front office and posted this page or attached to emails of weekly office correspondence to parents/guardians before each meeting in accordance to Brown Act regulations.  Questions can be directed to the BSFCS front office at (805)-595-7169.

Governing Board Meeting Agenda- 8/1/2020

Governing Board Meeting Agenda-9/21/2020, Brown Act Training PPT, Brown Act Training Article, Board Meeting Packet

Governing Board Meeting Agenda-10/28/2020, Board Meeting Packet

Governing Board Meeting Agenda-11/5/2020, Board Packet, Board Meeting Packet 1

Draft 2021-22 Calendar

Governing Board Meeting Agenda-12/10/2020, Board Meeting Packet

Emergency Closed Session Meeting-12/15/20

Governing Board Meeting-1/6/2020

Tentative Meeting Date-2/4/2020

Tentative Meeting Date-3/4/2020

Tentative Meeting Date-4/15/2020

Tentative Meeting Date-5/5/2020

Tentative Meeting Date-6/3/2020

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"The education of a child is a shared responsibility and a cooperative endeavor that is at its best when everyone works together."