Faculty and Staff

Kindergarten Art


  • Julie Turk, Principal
  • Lisa Dostal, Administrative Assistant

Teachers and Staff

Teaching Staff:

  • Christy Giannini, Yellow Forum, (Kindergarten/1st Grade)
  • Jen Senor, Orange Forum, (Kindergarten/1st Grade)
  • Dena Dechance-Udlock, Red Forum, (2nd/3rd Grades)
  • Lindsey Kizis, Purple Forum, (2nd/3rd Grades)
  • JoEd Sennes, White Forum, (4th/5th Grades)
  • Erica Luhn, Green Forum, (4th/5th Grades)
  • Kevin Ashworth, Blue Forum, (6th Grade)
  • Jennifer Jarvis, PEACOCK (Physical Education)
  • Christian Strauli, Science/Garden Teacher/SciTech Curator

Student Services:

  • Olivia Watt, Resource Specialist
  • Dee DiGioia, Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Lisa Matthews, Paraeducator
  • Teri Sanchez, Paraeducator

After School Care: 

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"The education of a child is a shared responsibility and a cooperative endeavor that is at its best when everyone works together."